from the Greek word πρωτεῖος (proteios), meaning “primary”, “in the lead”, or “standing in front”. CrossFit is exactly that. Through our universal approach adapted to the specific needs of every individual we’ll get you to a level of fitness you never thought possible.


When I was 7 years old I started with judo and switched between a couple of martial arts until I arrived at capoeira when I was 17. This soon became my one true love and the sole thing I did. After 2 years I started teaching at local summer camps and gave hundreds of demonstrations a year. I started teaching my own little bunch of students when I was 19 and since then I taught all over the world from Salvador Da Bahia to Siberia via Miami, Rotterdam, Cologne, St. Petersburg and Moscow.
In the meanwhile I discovered the “gym” and understood that I could make myself stronger there, which made me better in capoeira. I studied nutrition, physiology and training methodology purely as an interest and to be a more complete coach. When I discovered CrossFit, it connected with my dots and as my interest in capoeira started to dwindle, I began to invest myself more in CF and of course coaching. CrossFit can change lives in the most drastic way I ever saw and being a part of that change is a privilege.

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